design + research + robots




Currently at MIT, Kate Hajash is a pursuing a dual-degree as a candidate for a Master in Science in Architectural Studies in Design and Computation and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Her interests include collaborative robotics, reinforcement learning, computational design, rapid prototyping, fabrication, programmable materials, and interactive design. As a research assistant at the Self-Assembly Lab, Kate led the early research efforts on Rapid Liquid Printing, a novel 3D printing technology that uses a tank of gel as support material, allowing users to freely print in all directions. In 2015, Breathe Brick, a passive air-filtering brick developed with Carmen Trudell, received an R+D Award from Architect Magazine. Working with Andrew Atwood and Landscape Morphologies Lab in 2012, she developed early iterations of the Rapid Landscape Prototyping (RLP) Machine and designed new solutions for dust mitigation at Owens Lake. The RLP Machine lets users easily create a design, scan it, and immediately see projected feedback information right on the physical model. In 2013, Kate graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Here, her undergraduate research focused on socially interactive and kinetic design, digital fabrication, and urban architecture. Her ambition is to use her experience in computation, robotic fabrication, and architectural design to create collaborative robots that work together to build large-scale structures.