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“Bloom” takes a critical look at public social interaction and investigates levels of participation at the scale of a bench: an object to view and interact with. Typically, when approaching a public seating area, strangers avoid interaction, positioning themselves on opposite sides of a bench. 

This projects focuses on using excitement and movement as incentive for people to interact. Unoccupied, the bench sits in tension, springs pulling the arms upward, awaiting a visitor. It provides only a single seat - the central seat from which all initial motion is derived.  As the first visitor rests his weight upon the seat, the bench comes to life. Each piece is set in motion as both sides fall closer to the ground. Now there are two seats presented, almost parallel to the ground, but inviting new visitors to sit down, which in turn lowers the final outer seats.

Project completed at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo for Vellum Furniture Show 2012