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Liquid Printed Light


Liquid Printed Light

Research completed at Self-Assembly Lab in collaboration with Christophe Guberan, Marcelo Coelho + Steelcase
Presented by Patrick Parrish Gallery

Building upon our earlier research on Rapid Liquid Printing, we developed Liquid Printed Light for Design Miami 2017. The skin for the light was printed in one piece in an 18” cubic tank of gel. It was then removed, rinsed and stretched around a light tube and frame. The skin was printed using a silicone rubber with an extremely high elongation at break allowing it to be stretched twice the size of the printed piece. This property allowed us to speed up print time, save printing material and use less gel by printing a smaller piece in a smaller tank. The stretchability also allows users to customize a single print to a variety of designs. One print could  use a tall light tube and a smaller ring for a room with a high ceiling, or a small light tube and a large ring for a low ceiling. In addition, the shape of the ring could change, from circle to a square or hexagon. Using Rapid Liquid Printing and silicone rubber, it is possible to print a flexible skin for a light that could have many different forms.

Self-Assembly Lab Team. Kate Hajash, Bjorn Sparrman, Shokofeh Darbari, Schendy Kernizan, Jared Laucks & Skylar Tibbits


version 01 . circle profile


version 02 . square profile


version 03 . high density