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Breathe Brick



Research completed at California Polytechnic State University with Professor Carmen Trudell

Conceptualized as an organ that can filter harmful particulates and protect people, Breathe Brick is a low-cost solution to a worldwide issue of poor air quality. Replacing the standard CMU, Breathe Brick is both structural and improves the building ventilation system through filtration. As part of a two-wall system, the brick forms the exterior structural wall separated from a typical insulated partition by a ventilation gap.

The brick has four variations that assemble together with the help of the coupler, which serves to complete the cyclone and align the bricks.  Our final ambition is to make this technology available in the developing world by providing kits for people to build on their own independent of existing infrastructure or support. 

Patent.  System and method for air filtration via cyclone separators enclosed within exterior walls US 9289782 B2.
Role.  Designed brick + coupler, tested and developed fabrication methods
Awards.  Architect’s Magazine R + D Awards (2015); C3 Green Innovation Award (2013) - Honorable Mention
Publication.  ArchDaily; Architect Magazine