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Pop, Lift and Drop It!

Pop, Lift, and Drop It!

Pop, Lift and Drop It!

Pop, Lift and Drop It!

Transformable structures and deployable shelters are nothing new. Over the past half-century, researchers have developed many innovative origami-inspired shelters for military housing, disaster relief and offering the homeless a place to sleep. Deployable and transformable structures can also be used for concerts, exhibits, installations or other temporary events. In this project, I explored a variety of strategies for designing deployable structures and chose to focus on the Rotational Erection System (RES) by Yoshinobu Miyamoto. I worked within this system to make more horizontally expansive fractal-like structures. From there, I developed three strategies for actuation: pop, lift and drop.

Project completed for Geometric Folding Algorithms at MIT with Erik Demaine